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About us

About us:

The AEA (Association for Education and Ageing) is an international membership organisation, open to all. Its particular strength is combining the interests of research, practice and policy concerning later life learning in all its forms. Importantly, it involves older learners in dialogue with professionals and volunteers who work in the services that provide and support learning.

The Association was formed in 1985 by adult educators in UK higher education departments who wished to promote:

  • Older people’s education and learning activities
  • The education and training of professionals and volunteers who work with older people
  • Public education about the ageing process

Nowadays, life-long learning in most developed economies has taken a distinctive vocational turn, leaving adult education for older people in the margins of public services, while the burgeoning voluntary and private sector provision for later life learners goes largely unrecognised. What can we all learn from each other to continue to promote the life-enhancing value of learning throughout life, not just up to the end of work-life?

The Association aims to play its part by:

  • Highlighting demographic and socio-economic trends that affect older people’s abilities to lead active and fulfilled lives
  • Encouraging and sharing good practice in the broad field of education and ageing
  • Exposing theory and practice to critical scrutiny, through publications, conferences and seminars
  • Linking with other organisations and individuals, nationally and internationally
  • Facilitating networking among people from a wide range of disciplines, services and interests, including older people themselves
  • Listening to the voice of older learners, and supporting and promoting their interests

The AEA is a UK registered educational charity (No. 1050439)

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Baroness Sally Greengross, Professor Brian Groombridge, Professor Arthur Stock, OBE

The AEA is a UK registered educational charity (No. 1050439)