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Frank Glendenning Memorial Lectures

Frank Glendenning Memorial Lectures:

This annual series started in 2003 in honour of Dr Frank Glendenning who died in December 2002

Frank Glendenning was a founder member of the AEA, a long-term member of its Executive Committee and sometime Treasurer and co-Editor of its Journal. 


Frank was based at Keele University, Staffordshire, UK, where in the early eighties he organised many educational programmes and conferences in the new area of learning in later life or ‘education for the elderly’ as it was sometimes known then. As an academic, Frank published and travelled widely and became established internationally both as a pioneer in the field of educational gerontology and as a champion of good practice in many professional fields in which older people were the clients / patients / users. He died in December 2002.

The annual lecture series was set up in his memory by the Association in 2003. It seeks to promote the high quality and variety of work involving older people that Frank himself espoused throughout his long and creative working life.

AEA Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture 2022

The lecture will held online via Zoom on Thursday 26th January 2023, 5pm. You can register here.

The lecture will be given by Dr Amanda Grenier, Professor, Factor Inwentash Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto, Canada; The Norman and Honey Schipper Chair in Gerontological Social Work 

Topic: Lives in Transition: Reconsidering the Lifecourse and Pathways of Change

Older people’s lives and the way we think about ageing are in transition amidst social change. There is a tension between models that attempt to fix ageing into age and stage based configurations and guide responses, and the everyday realities of older people. This talk revisits the concept of transition as a means to rethink understandings of ageing and the life course, to document critical moments and trajectories that challenge existing models, and to situate change within the current context in order to consider alternate approaches and just practices.


AEA Frank Glendenning Memorial lecture 2019

This lecture was given by Professor Marvin Formosa, Head of the Department of Gerontology and Dementia Studies at the University of Malta on October 10th 2019. His subject was 50 Years of Older Adult Learning: Successes, Limitations and Promises. The venue was the Centre for Lifelong Learning, University of Strathclyde, Graham Hills Building, 40 George Street, Glasgow, G1 1QE

In the 1970s many organisations concerned with the lack of learning opportunities for older people were established e.g. Elderhostel and the Bernard Osher Foundation in the USA and universities of the Third Age in Europe. Such initiatives have surely improved the quality of life and wellbeing of participants but there are questions to be asked. Marvin Formosa’s lecture charted the successes, limitations and promises of older adult learning during the last half century.

A video of a condensed version of the lecture is available on Vimeo at Credit: Val Bissland

Please contact AEA Administrator if you would like access to the slides from this presentation

Professor Marvin Formosa
Photo: Val Bissland

Previous Frank Glendenning Memorial Lectures 2003-2018

Please contact AEA Administrator if you would like access to these presentations

2018 – Paul McGarry
Developing the Age-friendly Greater Manchester programme to support culture and learning in later life

2017 - Professor Paul Kingston
I am still learning" - loneliness, isolation, older people and learning in the post-modern world

2016 - Professor Peter Lavender
Older People's Learning: A reflection on some models

2015 - Professor Sheila Peace
Changes in perceptions of ageing over the last 30 years: what happened to educational gerontology?

2014 - Dr Carol Holland
New directions in memory and ageing: changing the story  

2013 - Dr Malcolm J Fisk
Older People and the Health Literacy Imperative 

2012 -  Alan Hatton-Yeo.
What has the last forty years taught us about ageing? 
Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture 2012

2011 - Lesley Hart MBE
Working and Learning together: the value of collaboration                                                                          Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture 2011 (pdf)

2010 -  Dr Alex Withnall 

Exploring the Gender Agenda in Later Life Learning   

2009 - Professor Emeritus Keith Percy
The Owl of Minerva: Wisdom, Experience and Learning in Later Life                                                           Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture 2009 (pdf)

2008 - Professor Emeritus David James
Living and Learning:  Exploring our Biological Roots
Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture-2008

2007 - Dr Eric Midwinter:
U3Alogy: The thinking behind the U3A in the UK
Frank Glendenning Memorial Lecture 2007

2006 - Professor Emeritus Brian Groombridge
Extra Time: Arts, Health and Learning in Later Life

2005 – Professor Phil Lyon
Old Worlds: the future of reaching into the past

2004 – Professor Alan Walker
Extending Quality Life: The neglected role of lifelong learning

2003 - Professor Chris Phillipson
New Transitions to Ageing: Challenges and prospects for educational gerontology


AEA plans to publish these lectures under the title “Raising the Consciousness”: the Glendenning lectures on Later–Life Learning 2003 – 2016 in the near future


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