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With partners in Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Poland, AEA was a very active partner in the EU Grundtvig Learning Partnership Project "Memory in Later Life - Learning - Supporting - Developing" which lasted for two years and ended on July 31 2014. The Project Handbook has recently been made available. It was edited by Keith Percy of AEA. The Project Handbook is available to download here 


ForAge project 2012-2015

AEA is pleased to be a partner in the Grundtvig-funded ‘ForAge’ project, which was launched at the University of Leicester in March 2012. The project is a multi-lateral European network which aspires to be the ‘network of networks’ in the field of later-life learning. Central to the project’s planned activities is the creation of an accessible database of past projects, relevant policy and research, statistical evidence, and examples of best practice relating to learning and ageing. ForAge aims to become the single access point for later-life learning in Europe. For further information of ForAge and AEA's role in this exciting project, please click here: ForAgeProject

Declaration in Support of ForAge

Organisations who support the principles of the ForAge Project and ForAge Network and who would like to be kept informed about developments associated with ForAge are invited to sign a Declaration in support of ForAge

Third ForAge International Conference - Oporto, Portugal, 7-8 November 2014

The theme of the third ForAge International Conference was New Directions and New Learning in Later Life. Presentations and reports from the conference are available on the conferences page of the ForAge website. The conference website, which includes a Book of Abstracts, is available at

Second ForAge International Conference - Budapest, 30 September - 1 October 2013

The second ForAge international conference was held in Budapest from 30th September to 1st October 2013.  The theme was The Future of Learning for Older People in Europe.  Details of the programme can be downloaded here  ForageBudapestleaflet  

Further information

For further information on Forage please see the Forage website ForAge

A revised leaflet (April 2015) about the ForAge project is available to download ForAge leaflet

September 2014: The 2nd ForAge Annual Report 2013 is now available 2nd ForAge Annual Report 2013

October 2013: ForAge Progress Report, reporting on the first eighteen months of the ForAge project and plans for the future, is now available.

The current and back copies of the ForAge newsletter can be accessed here ForAgenewsletters 




International Journal of Education and Ageing (IJEA).

AEA's journal International Journal of Education and Ageing (IJEA) is now available online.   This service is available to subscribers only. 

The journal was officially launched at the Association's annual conference on 22nd July 2010 and has continued the mission of our original journal, Education and Ageing, which was published  from 1985-2003, while also responding to today’s conditions and contexts. Volume 4 Issue 2 has now been published. 

Further details of the journal are on the journal page of this website. IJEA 

Other Recent Publications

July 2014             Memory in Later Life and How to Make the Most of It: a Report of a Conference

September 2014  Memory in Later Life: Learning-Developing–Supporting: A Handbook (edited and published on behalf of the Memory in Later Life Project)  - see top of this page for link

January 2015       Later-Life Learning: a Lexicon of Terms (edited and published on behalf of the Forage for Later life Learning Project)

Forthcoming publications

Autumn 2015       Later-Life Learning: a review of the literature 2000-2015           

Autumn 2015      Raising the Consciousness: the Glendenning lectures on Later–Life Learning, 2003-2014                          




Alex Withnall (2010) Improving Learning in Later Life. Abingdon, Routledge, 162pp.  Improving Learning in Later Life

Brian Findsen and Marvin Formosa (2011) Lifelong Learning in Later Life: a Handbook on Older Adult Learning. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 218pp.

Carol Allen (2012) Miss Threadgold, 30 minute feature film drama made with an older learners' drama class  Details here:  Miss Threadgold

Chris Phillipson (2013) Ageing. Cambridge: Wiley, 192pp.



News and events of interest to older learners are also carried on our Facebook page AEAonFB and on Twitter @AssocEduAgeing



LARA (Learning as a Response to an Ageing Society) is a European project involving the University of Leicester, which is looking at curriculum issues around ageing in society - not just about older people. Details of the project can be found here: LARA project



The University of Leicester is the publisher of the EuBia Guide - Getting Older People Involved in Learning. This publication is the product of a Learning Partnership called EuBiA – EU Broadening People’s Minds in Ageing (2008 – 2010) and has been funded with support from the European Commission. It includes contributions from all over the EU, including from several members of AEA. The EuBia Guide can be downloaded here: EuBia Guide

Further information on the University of Leicester's European partnerships with regard to both LARA and EuBiA (EU Broadening People’s Minds in Ageing) can be found here on on the university website: European projects



News from Grundtvig

The Grundtvig pages include a wealth of information on the Grundtvig funding opportunities, results of conferences and projects, support to find partners and tools to develop a successful project - for further information go to: Grundtvig

European Year for Active Ageing

2012 was the EU Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity.  Information on that can be found here:  EU Year of Active Ageing 





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